The EPISODES Platform is now accessible at a new address:

Episodes platform

The integrated RIs are interconnected to form a functional digital laboratory allowing free virtual experimentation. A core of the setup is the EPISODES platform connected with the international data nodes. This international facility provides open access to accumulated resources. The shared resources consist of three components. The first is data, which are gathered in "episodes." An episode is a set of time-correlated geophysical, technological, and other relevant geo-data that comprehensively relates anthropogenic seismicity and other hazard-posing geophysical processes to its industrial cause. They comprise data on seismicity cases induced by eight industrial activities.

EPISODES platform

The second component is applications. Applications are problem-oriented, bespoke, and standard software tools to process and analyze data. They help to relate seismicity and technological factors for hazard assessment and other scientific targets. Much attention has been devoted to the implementation of applications for hazard analyses.

The third component is the IT environment for data modelling and analysis. It comprises the user's workspace, adequate hardware resources, including HPC systems, and other facilities that all grant quick and efficient execution of commissioned tasks. Platform functionalities also make it possible to combine the implemented applications with the user's codes in workflows to process either the data from available episodes or their uploaded data. In this way, scientific users have the conditions for unlimited virtual experimentation. Such experimentation can be carried out individually or commonly in a research group thanks to the collaboration functionalities of the EPISODES Platform.


2013-2015 IS-EPOS project

IS-EPOS project ended in December 2015 with the construction of a prototype of a digital IS-EPOS platform

May 2015 SHEER project started

6 episodes, 18 applications and over 450 items in Document Repository available for IS‑EPOS platform users

October 2015 EPOS-IP project started

20 new episodes in plan


May 2016 New episodes

3 new episodes published:

July 2016 New episode

1 new episode published: LUBOCINO

August 2016 New applications

2 new applications released:
  • Catalog Export
  • GDF Export

September 2016 EPOS-PL project started

3 new super episodes in plan

November 2016 New application

1 new application released: Inter-event Time Distribution Analysis

December 2016 Documents Repository

Almost 600 items in Document Repository
4 papers published in 2016 with IS-EPOS plaform reference


February 2017 New applications

5 new applications released:
  • Time Series Builder
  • Autocorrelation
  • Coefficient of Randomness
  • Cross Correlation
  • Priestley-Subba Ra(PSR) Test

April 2017 New applications

3 new applications released:
  • GMParameters Tool
  • Waveform download tool
  • Fracture Network Models

June 2017 New episode and application

1 new episode published: The Geysers Prati-9/29 cluster
1 new application released: Seed converter

July 2017 New applications

2 new applications released:
  • Catalog Time and Correlated parameter extractor
  • GDF Time and Correlated parameter extractor
  • Fracture Network Models

September 2017 New episodes and applications, S4CE project started

5 new episodes published:
1 new application released: Estimation of source parameters in time-varying production parameters geometry
3 new episodes in plan

November 2017 DOI for episodes

Each published episode has own DOI number

December 2017 Documents Repository

Over 750 items in Document Repository
11 papers published in 2017 with IS-EPOS plaform reference


February 2018 New application

1 new application released: Catalog ASCII Export

April 2018 New episodes, SHEER project ended

2 new episodes published:

May 2018 New episodes, SHEER episodes opened

2 new episodes published:
6 episodes integrated in the framework of SHEER project are open for all IS-EPOS platform users

July 2018 New episode, new look website

1 new episode published: MONTEYNARD HYDROPOWERPLANT

September 2018 New episode and application, TCS-AH - ICS connection

1 new episode published: LACQ FIELD
1 new application released: Effective Stress Drop Estimate
22 episodes ready to connect with ICS


January 2019 New data type

Shallow velocity profile

July 2019 New visualization

Adding a visualization to the Fracking Process Parameters episode

August 2019 Changes in access to data and workspace, two new applications

  • An anonymous user can view and download data (provided they are open)
  • A registered user (does not have to have an affiliation) has access to the full functionality related to workspace
  • Institutional affiliation has been removed
  • The concept of a research worker has been added
Two new applications
  • Merger
  • Waveform-based seismic event location

September 2019 New applications

Ground Motion Prediction Equations
  • Mechanism: Full Moment Tensor, Mechamsm: Shear Slip i Mechanism: Shear-Tensile crack
  • Coda Wave Interferometry detection of velocity changes
  • Stress and strain changes induced by fluid injection and temperature change driven by geothermal injection


January - June 2020 New episodes, IS-EPOS Platform Documentation development

Integration of the new episodes:
  • Cooper Basin - Geothermal energy production in Queensland, Australia provided by the ReNu Energy Limited, Australia and Q-con GmbH, Germany
IS-EPOS Platform Documentation development
  • Updating of User Guide (Quick Start Guide, Application User Guides, Data Formats User Guide, GDF creator program)

January - June 2020 New applications

  • Cluster Analysis
  • Transformation to Equivalent Dimensions
  • GDF with Seismic Activity data visualization
  • GDF with Seismic Activity histogram data visualization

July-December 2020 Division of application

Division of application Seed Converter into three separate ones:
  • SEED to SAC converter
  • SEED to ASCII (SLIST) converter
  • Signal Processing; development of SEED to miniSEED converter
  • miniSEED to SAC converter
  • miniSEED to ASCII (SLIST) converter
  • miniSEED to miniSEED converter


April 2021 Page translations

Majority of French version was implemented. On top of that full Polish version was implemented and translation work towards Italian version began.

January - June 2021 Publication of converters, Integrated new geothermal stimulation in the Cooper Basin episode

Published SEED to miniSEED converter, miniSEED to SAC converter, miniSEED to ASCII (SLIST) converter, miniSEED to miniSEED converter, SEED to FDSN Station XML converter and SEED to datalessSEED converter applications. Upgrade of GDF To CSV converter.
Integrated new geothermal stimulation in the Cooper Basin episode - two catalogs, injection rate and wellhead pressure for well Habanero#1, performed in 2003. Acquired continous waveforms for the Cooper Basin Habanero#4 in mseed format and successfully integrated them on the platform (as continous data and also as a event related waveforms). Successfully implemented Carbfix Supplier Letter requirements (access monitoring for the episode). Full integration of the St. Gallen downhole temperature&pressure data, as well as the final report and faults map.

July 2021 Two embargoed episodes were opened to the public

  • Bogdanka
  • Lai Chau

August 2021 Name change

Changing the name of the platforms from IS-EPOS Platform to EPISODES

July - December 2021 Handling of additional catalog types, Application Workbench

Rotational Ground Motion Catalog, Rotational Ground Motion Parameters Catalog, Underground Motion Catalog, Underground Motion Parameters Catalog, Ground Water Level Catalog, Ground Water Level Parameters Catalog, Gravimetric Catalog, Gravimetric Parameters Catalog.
Added possibility to create user's own applications -> Application Workbench.


February 2022 My apps management

Added the ablity to validate the application in the tab  MY APPS MANAGEMENT

March 2022 Undergoing integration of four new multi-episodes within the EPOS PL Project

  • MUSE1 KWK Piast Ziemowit: underground coal mining
  • MUSE1 KWK Ruda Bielszowice: underground coal mining
  • MUSE1 Regional Polygon: underground coal mining
  • MUSE2 KWK ROW Rydultowy: underground coal mining

January - June 2022 New applications

Published Catalog Editor application. Two new applications available for testing. Improvements to Application Workbench.

July 2022 Integration episode

Emilia Romagna

September 2022 Integration of 4 multi-episodes MUSE

  • MUSE1 KWK Piast Ziemowit
  • MUSE1 KWK Ruda Bielszowice
  • MUSE1 Regional Polygon
  • MUSE2 KWK ROW Rydultowy

July - December 2022 New applications

Published TDASHA application. Two new applications available for testing. Improvements to Application Workbench.